2.4.B. Jamboard-ST Summer 2021

  1. Now that you have actively participated as a learner & observer in Ms. Bueno’s learning episode, use the Jamboard to share anonymously. The purpose of this activity is to help us develop a comprehensive snapshot of the strengths of this cohort while also learning about areas of need or focus. This is one way we can use technology to provide us information on student learning. In this activity, you will share the following: 

• Use a green sticky note to share one area of strength in your teaching, specifically, one way you have made strategic use of a comprehensible input strategy that you experienced as a learner during this teaching demonstration.

• Use a yellow sticky note to share anonymously one area for growth in your teaching, specifically, one strategy you experienced as a learner that you would like to learn how to use in an online environment to maximize your own students’ learning.

  • Please go to the designated frame/board for your group led by your instructional leader & complete the activity*
  • Upon completing the activity on the Jamboard, take a screenshot of your response and upload it via the assignment submission portal below.
  • To determine to which instructional leader group you’ve been assigned, please click on the button below, Instructional Leader Groups.

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