2.4.A. Observation & Feedback – Ms. Bueno-ST Summer 2021

Activity Details

  1. Placing Yourself in the Shoes of the Learner

What is it like for our learners to experience a language learning activity that is 100% in the target language? Today you will put yourself in their shoes! 

Below is Lily Bueno’s teaching demonstration. Ms. Bueno is a Portuguese teacher and her teaching demo is 26 minutes long. Please do not merely watch this video, rather, we ask that you actively engage with Lily as if you were a language learner in the room with her. Be a learner with the others in this video, please! Before you watch the video, please download the TELL Comprehensible Input Feedback Form for your observation. You will need to submit this form as part of your assignment below.

2. Assignment Submission

a. Complete the Comprehensible Input Feedback Form based on Ms. Lily Bueno’s teaching demonstration

b. Submit your feedback form via the assignment submission portal below.

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