0.0 Orientation Overview – START HERE!

Welcome to the Orientation Module! (June 19-25)

Welcome to our program, STARTALK Principles for Meaningful Online Learning


This module will help you prepare for the work we will engage in over the next five weeks. Our program starts on June 19 with the Orientation Module. During this week, you will also participate in the Welcome Web Conference to be held on June 22 at 5:30pm PT / 7:30pm CT / 8:30pm ET. Please mark your calendars for this date and time! You will receive an email announcement on Thursday morning with the URL for this live session, held in the web conference platform, Adobe Connect. You’ll learn more about Adobe Connect in this Orientation. Please be sure to add the following email address to your address book so that it does not go to your spam folder:

Add to your address book: [email protected]

Orientation Learning Targets

  • I can navigate the course interface.
  • I can configure my computer as required for the one-hour Course Orientation Web Conference to be held on June 22, 2017, at 5:30pm PT / 7:30pm CT / 8:30pm ET.
  • I can configure my computer as required for successful participation in the course.
  • I can access and edit my course profile by uploading a clear headshot photo and providing some background information about myself.
  • I can introduce myself to my classmates and access my classmates’ introductions in the Icebreaker activity.
  • I can create my own free trial for Adobe Connect that I will use to learn how to use the feature.  (NOTE:  The room you create for yourself IS NOT the room we will use for all group web conferences. You will receive a special URL for those meetings.)
  • I can familiarize myself with the foundational aspects of TELL (Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning), the STARTALK Learning Plan Template and Guide, the ACTFL World Readiness Standards, and the STARTALK Can-Do Statements. 

Orientation Module Activity Table

Each Module will include an Activity Table like this one. You should take some time at the beginning of every Module to review the activity table and to mark important due dates on your calendar so as not to miss anything! If you are fond of task lists, you may consider copying this table to a word processing document or printing this page so that you can check off each section as you complete it.

Please review the tasks and due dates for our orientation module now and schedule your work!

ActivityDescriptionDue Date
0.1 – How This Course is OrganizedThis section includes both a textual explanation and a video tour of the course layout, with suggestions for how to make the best of your experience!Before section 0.2
0.2 – Course Syllabus, Schedule, and SchedulerDownload and review the Syllabus, develop and understanding of the Course Schedule, and learn how to sign up for special meetings.Before midnight on Monday, June 19!
0.3 – How to Prepare For and Join our 1 Hour Live Session on June 22.Don’t be a latecomer to our first event because your technology wasn’t configured properly!Before 10 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. CT / 1 p.m. ET on June 22
0.4 – Creating your Adobe Connect practice room This three-part section introduces you to the synchronous platform we’ll use throughout the course, Adobe Connect.  You’ll also sign up for a free, 30-day trial of Adobe Connect to practice on your own. 
Before midnight on Sunday, June 25
0.5 – Preparing for Course InteractionsAnother three-part section, you’ll set up your Course Profile, introduce yourself to our learning community, and learn how you will learn individually, in pairs, in groups, and as an entire class. 
Before midnight on Sunday, June 25
0.6 – Technology Setup and Support
This section will help you configure the technology platforms we will use. You will also learn how to get technology support throughout the course.   Before section 0.7
0.7 – Course Primary Documents to ExploreYou will download and begin go familiarize yourself with these documents which establish the foundation for learning in this course.Before section 0.8
0.8 – Check for UnderstandingIn this final section, you will check your understanding of key concepts presented in this Orientation Module. Before midnight on Sunday, June 25

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