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Paul Sandrock & Pam Delfosse

Paul Sandrock is the assistant director for the Content and Learning Team at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Prior to this, Mr. Sandrock served as the DPI consultant for world languages education and taught Spanish. His work in the area of assessment includes the standing committee for the Foreign Language National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and the ACTFL Integrated Performance Assessment project. He is the chief author of Planning Curriculum for Learning World Languages and co-author of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s publication Essentials of World LanguagesGrades K-12, Sandrock received the Prentice Hall/NCSSFL State Supervisor of the Year Award and has served as ACTFL president and a member of the ACTFL Board of Directors.
Pam Delfosse currently works with Madison Metropolitan School District as a member of its Office of Multilingual Education. In this role she supports the development, efficacy, growth and sustainability of the district’s second and dual language immersion and bilingual education programs. Pam previously served as World Languages Education Consultant with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. In this capacity she led the development of an online heritage language education program, supported tribal language revitalization initiatives and advocated for improved pathways for teacher licensure in less commonly taught languages. Pam’s professional service is fueled by a conviction that language preservation and learning is critical to the development of intercultural competence and transformative cross-cultural relationships. Pam has a Masters in Educational Policy and is a licensed Japanese and English as a Second Language educator.
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