3.4 – Stage 2 Lesson Plan Template

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This forum houses our “Stage 2 Lesson Plan Template” discussion for Module 3.4: Developing Performance-Based Activities. Be sure to select your PMG group for this particular discussion. In this forum, you’ll interact only with members of your Peer Microteaching Group (PMG). 

If you don’t know your Group Numbers, see the following document:  Groups In This Course: Who, What, How?  Pages 4 and 5 list our PMGs. Search for your name to find the PMG to which you belong.

Once you know your group number, you will select that number from the Separate Groups” drop-down menu of this forum to see your discussion topic. You will look for your PMG number.  Once selected, you’ll then see the link for the topic Stage 2 Lesson Plan Template.  

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